The domain is being used for multiple purposes to serve you better. To safeguard your privacy the logins of each of the services below will be separate and you can choose to register only for the desired service separately and sign in separately for just that service.
You can use google, facebook, amazon or other social sign in – if you like to register quickly and login seamlessly.

Matrimony * Matchmaking * Marriage * Vivaah * Shaadi * Svayamvar * Nikaah * Wedding
Click here + if you wish to post a profile for Matchmaking purposes
– either yours or of those you care about. You can also post recommendations about a person you care about.

Social Networking
Click here + if you are here just to make friends or to discuss an interesting topic – join a group etc – we are working on a way to reward those who are active on these forums. Join and discuss – exciting gifts for those who start early and stay connected.

General Ad Posting
Click here if you are here to post a BUY or SELL or RENT ad or want to post an AD for something you desire.
You will be amazed at what you can do here.

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